Ambroyce Holdings LLC

Leveraging A.I. To Protect People & Assets

A truly bespoke business portfolio like no other

Ambroyce Holdings is the only place you can go get a business setup, licensed, recruited, and operated in a DFY fashion. We call it Commodious!

We advise businesses, hold and grow investments, sell property and so much more. While we are a holding company that may seem to be spread too thin at glance, the truth is we really know how to target niche markets for optimal growth and sustainment.

The bottom line is we bring it all together in a single pane of glass. The delivery is second to none and the quality is most definitely Commodious!

The Commodious Pricing

Our commodious portfolio service options are the best way to put your business ahead of threats and audits. They range from agile project management to cybersecurity assessments. It also leverages our subsidiary services including high yield investment opportunities in real estate and cryptocurrency.

Commodious requires an Industry-standard consultation to get started. It is a 1-hr $300 non-refundable fee and must be remitted at time of scheduling.

Our Subsidiaries

Subsidiary services are included within the Commodious pricing



Be sure to contact us for your cybersecurity consulting or managed services needs. We have been rated the best in class.

Laura Yankton

Business Development, SVP Mid-South Territory

Scott Roper

Chief of Engineers, SVP Southern Territory


    Don't wait for your data and employees to be compromised by a ransomware attack; let us prevent it for you.