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At a very high level, most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin or dogecoin, but its blockchain also supports these NFTs, which store extra information that makes them work differently from, say, an ETH coin. It is worth noting that other blockchains can implement their own versions of NFTs.

NFTs can really be anything digital (such as drawings, music, your brain downloaded and turned into an AI), but a lot of the current excitement is around using the tech to sell digital art. We can advise on risky to less risky approaches to NFTs.


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Using digitally leveraged goods against virtually hedged tokens, Ambroyce Holdings is uniquely qualified to aggressively pursue highly profitable investment strategies.


Customize a Portfolio

Our array of investment derivatives in the digital space provide investors with ample portfolio customization: Forex, NFTs, Crypto, and traditional commodities.



When we say “manage”, we’re talking more than just keeping an eye out for anomalies. We manage the platform, tools, R&A, and movement of strategies to stay ahead of the current; not with it.

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Ambroyce Holdings is able to take advantage of deep web algorithms and combine it with decades of institutional and wealth management experience.

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We support a range of causes to ensure access to universal wealth building isn’t just a good idea, but a conspicuous reality. Our profits are continuously redirected to international charities and global funds.

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We welcome individuals and businesses who want to join our board or partake in our investment strategies. Please be sure to choose the correct consultation before requesting an appointment.

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As much as we like to give, we also like to receive. It is a never ending cycle and your seed capital goes a long way. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how you can be part of our journey.

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