About our company

Ambroyce Holdings LLC was established in 2023 to provide companies and business owners a simplified approach to asset and resource protection.




With growing cyber threats and geopolitical uncertainty, small businesses and large corporations alike need scalable protection.


Corporate Consulting

It isn't enough these days to be told what is needed; you need a consultant to walk you through it all.


Professional Services

Most companies prefer to outsource using managed services or a 3rd party resource acquisition process.

How we work?

First, choose a service. Second, schedule your consultation. Third, prepare your requirements. It is that easy.

  • - Scott Boyar
    We did not understand how to manage our data risk exposure or interview vendors for a solution. Ambroyce Holdings did it all!
    - Scott Boyar
    Certified Public Accountant, PLLC
  • - Connie Burke
    Ambroyce Holdings helped train our staff on safeguarding HIPAA information to prevent sharing with non-medical entities.
    - Connie Burke
    Cornerstone Medical
  • - Jessica Edmonds
    We needed a way to encrypt and safely share litigation information with law enforcement and other investigative bodies daily.
    - Jessica Edmonds
    McARTHUR Law Firm


Your initial consultation with Ambroyce Holdings is an opportunity to determine if we're a good fit for each other.

While it is true that we care about your success, we might not be the best company to deliver it. But, if we are, then the consultation will provide that clarity and render meaningful expectations.

Don't wait for your data and employees to be compromised by a ransomware attack; let us prevent it for you.